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Welcome to the Global Indians Info Events Page!

Here, we keep you updated on a wide range of events that cater to the Indian diaspora worldwide. Whether you're interested in cultural
festivals,networking opportunities, educational seminars, or business conferences, you'll find it all right here.

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Upcoming Events

Stay in the loop with our list of upcoming events that you won't want to miss. From celebratory festivals to thought-provoking webinars, discover exciting opportunities to connect with fellow Global Indians and engage with our vibrant community.

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Past Events

Take a journey through the memorable events we've hosted or covered in the past. Get a glimpse of the diverse cultural, educational, and networking experiences that have enriched the Global Indians
Info community.

Event Categories

Cultural Celebrations

Explore our rich cultural heritage through festivals, music, dance, and art events.

Networking and Business

Discover networking events, workshops and conferences designed to foster professional growth and collaboration.

Educational Seminars

Stay informed about educational and informational seminars that empower the Global Indians community with knowledge and skills.

Featured Events

Highlight special events or partnerships that are particularly noteworthy or timely.


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Email: info@prabisha.com.

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